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    To decision makers!


    Metal, cast-iron, electrographitic, ferrosilid, "titanous” and other anode beds (anodes) are used extensively for electrochemical protection of gas transmission pipelines. Due to their natural dissolving (excessive ware) they are subject to renewal, which is made largely every year by the specialists on pipelines corrosion prevention. International industry has to bury and loose the billions dollars for the metal for reproduction of anodes. Therefore the search of work materials for extension the validity of anode beds and their reliability growth persists. The ideal anode has intrinsic resistance close to zero, is insoluble in any grounds and has unrestricted production life index. As a result of the work of our specialists, consultations with the leading industry experts, scientists and skilled workers, using of own experience, experiments and tests, we created, as we think, something like the above-mentioned ideal: anodes "AZB” ("АЗБ”), which we suggest you herewith.

    We could create the anodes, which are to 20…30 % cheaper than the best Russian anodes with large length of validity, due to which they are considered to be one of the best in the world. All our production is characterized by its time proved exclusive quality. Just at the joint-stock company "Poltavagas” (Ukraine) 2000 anodes "AZB” ("АЗБ”) have been in faultless operation for about 6 years.

    Besides Poltava residents our production was accepted into service at OJSC "Umangas”, "Zhitomirgas”, and others (see comments). Extended well test of anodes takes its place at OJSC "Kievgas”, "Krivorozhgas” and "Khersongas”. The general, average installation time of one anode bed is about 2-3 hours, the greater part of which is taken by digging.

    The weight of 1 anode with cable length of 10 m is 2,5 kg. Proportion of validity length and price of "AZB” ("АЗБ”) has no match. Using of our anodes can be easily considered to be one of the most modern and effective technologies in oil and gas industry, due to that one can reduce expenses for pipelines electrochemical protection, increase their reliability and prolong their durability.

    Finally I can assure you that all our production is characterized by the high quality, guarantee, understanding and meeting the requirements of the customer. We always go by these principles.


    We suggest you our production – anode beds "AZB” ("АЗБ”) and will be glad if you study our proposal.

    Youth respectfully,



    - It is designated for providing the electric contact of current-conducting substance (ground) and positive pole of cathodic protection station during electrochemical protection of buried and submersible metal constructions by means of cathodic polarization of their surfaces. It is applied at prosecution of work according to DSTU B. B.2.5-29:2006, DSTU 4219-2003 and GOST P 51164-98. It is almost non-soluble under current action. False switching (polarity reversal) does not change anode characteristics. Microbiologically resistive. It saves its physically-mechanical and electrical characteristics under low-concentrated (to 5%) acids and alkalis action. Effective term is not less than 20 years. Number of electrodes at connection to ground is determined by the project on electrochemical protection. Each electrode is connected by the cable ВПП, КГВ ТУ Е-67-00214534-006-99, ППСРВМ grades, GOST 6598 or analogical one. Anode beds are installed with vertical or horizontal configuration of electrodes and are used in all climatic regions and grounds of any corrosiveness.


    1. Anodic solvability (kg/A*hour)                                         0,0001

    2. Dimensions (mm)                                                    1250 x 210 x 12

    3. Effective area, sq. m                                                               0,5

    4. Rated current of one anode (not more, A)                            0,8

    5. Cable size (mm²)                                                                     4

    6. Mass (kg, without cable), not more                                        2

    7. Effective work warranty period (not more, years)                 20

                                                          (providing rated current compliance)


     Price:   please call


    All rights reserved by patents and trademark.


    Anodes for pipeline protection









    Protection indicator anti corrosion protection BAL-2


        The unique Ukrainian electronic recorder for long-term quality conformance inspection of pipelines electrochemical protection. (more than 5 years of continuous running without battery changing).


    - It measures potential functions differences between comparison electrode and buried metal construction (pipeline). It is installed in the pipeline right-of-way in the places beyond the reach of remote control systems. Any (within the range) time duration between the measurements is in agreement with the user and is fixed. The device is equipped with adapter module to personal computer (RS-232) and software program of processing of measurement results, including the program of own power supply status control. The program of reception and processing the information which is accumulated by the device, is provided at no cost.


    With guarantee for 3 years.


    1. Maximum quantity of measurements stored                              262000

    2. Value set of input signal (Volt)                                                     0… -5

    3. Measurement interval *                                                                 1 sec … 1 hour

    4. Input impedance (not less, MOhm)                                              10

    5. Power supply, Volt (4 pieces x 1,5 V)                                              6

    6. Average input current (microampere)                                           15

    7. Continuous battery operation time                                          >5 years

    8. Operating temperature range                                                    - 40º C … +60º C

    9. Mass (not more, kg)                                                                        0,3

    10. Modification: enclosed, class                                                      IP56

    11. Dimensional specifications (not more, mm)                             120 x 110 x 60



    (free) Software program proceeds:


    - reception, saving and processing of measured data, print of statistics report, simultaneous review (including scaling) of prospective files line charts of any from 20 "Indicators” or any of their combinations with the chosen speed and in any time duration.

    - export of data processing results to the standard programs Microsoft Word, Excel, Paint or into the text format. The option of simultaneous review at liquid crystal device indicator of the level of signal input, of the total quantity of measurements, which were made when the protection potentials were within the range of 0…0,9 Volt; 0,9…2,5 Volt; 2,5…5 Volt, and storage filling degree are provided. "Indicator” holds fixed the date and time of data readout.






      Circuit breaker of cathode control TOK-1






    - It is designated for cyclical opening of cathodic protection stations load circuit at prosecution of combined corrosive surveying of supply pipelines as required by DSTU 4219:2003 (method M.2.1: "Polarization potential evaluation in case of specially equipped measurement sites failing”) and GOST P51164-98. "Circuit breaker” is switched on cyclically at time chosen by the user. It activates load (anode) and cuts it out for the time chosen by the user. It stops its work at the time chosen by the user with the load activated or cut out of cathodic protection station. Operation synchronism of any numbers of circuit breakers "TOK-1” is guaranteed even if there is a break in satellite-assisted signal reception for up to 24 hours. The user has the opportunity to choose any from 156 variants of tuning control of energizing and current interruption duration in the field environment, without using the computer.



    Basic technical specifications:


    1. Peak current (not more), Ampere                             100

    2. Peak voltage at load (peak value), Volt                    100

    3. Operating temperature range               - 35ºC… +60ºC

    4. Peak capacity at load, Watt                                      6000

    5. Guarantee                                                                3 years

    6. Power supply:

    - electric system ~220 Volt                        (180 V … 260 V)

    - personal electric accumulator                                     12 V

    7. Energy input, Watt                                                        < 3

    8. Load type                                            resistive-capacitive







    Autonomous protection pipeline analyzer "AZA"
    (instruments for the search and review of the stray currents)




    Autonomous pipeline protection analyzer "AZA"The device AZA ─ (hereinafter "Analyzer") is designed to monitor over time the effectiveness of protection of pipelines and cathodic protection of underground or submerged metal structures in accordance with the requirements of DSTU B V.2.5-29: 2006; DSTU 4219:2003, GOST 51164-98 and requirements of the European standard EN 12954. Monitoring the security of the time performed by measuring the difference of potential (potential difference) between the electrode and the underground metal structures. The time interval between measurements is selected by the user from the group of 1,2,3,10 and 60 seconds. in the field without the use of computers. Displays the maximum and minimum amplitude of the input signal separately - the value of its fixed and variable component, and - the effective value and frequency. Accumulated unit data is transmitted (RS-232) to a personal computer for plotting axes amplitude-time by a computer program processing the measurement results. (- Is included.)

    Main technical characteristics:

    1. The maximum number of measurements,
    stored in memory                                262000
    2. Range Input
    (The value of the amplitude, V)     -100 ... +100
    3. The interval between measurements * 1sec .... 1min
    4. Effective frequency range of measurements
    input value (Hz)                                 0 ... 200
    5. The above measurement error (max%)                 1
    6. Volt power supply (3 pcs x 1,5 V)                     4.5
    7. Average current consumption (mA) **              ≈ 2
    8. Operating temperature range of       -30 º C +50 º C
    9. Weight (kg, max)                                            0.5
    10. Dimensions (not more, mm)           180 x 120 x 70
    11. Design: tight, class                                     IP56

    * - Possible options
    ** - Differs depending on the interval between measurements.





    The reference electrode solid long term of "CR"


    The reference electrode solid long term of "CR"   Sensor-protection potential is used for steady-state measurements of the potential difference between the metal underground structures and the ground when working on 4219-2003 or DSTU GOST 51164-98. Laboratory tested DP "Ukrmetrteststandard" 24.10.07 Number 36/2 -1003.
     - Allows you to get the correct measurements protection of pipelines for unlimited operating time. Wide temperature range allows the use of the electrode in all climates, soils any humidity, pH and / or alkalinity. Microbiologically stable.
     - Is used in combination with the electronic recording instru ("BAL-2", "AZA") and cathodic protection stations.

        Main technical characteristics:

    The average potential of the electrode in a neutral aqueous

    electrolyte for Ag-AgCl, (no more mV)                      5

    Stability capacity over time (% / year)                  0.01

    Maximum voltage (V)                                           300

    Electrode Resistance (Ohm max)                           200
    Lifetime, (at least, years)                                     30

    Operating temperature range (° C)             -40 ... +60

    The length of the wires is not less than (m),             3*

    The size of the electrode (mm)                    110x110x8